Sunday, November 3, 2013

Magic: finding poems in the bathroom.  (Hmm... My daughter seems to have the same urge I have to leave favorite poems in public bathrooms. Imagine my delight when I wandered in, on a break from making puppets, to have this scribbled message left for me to ponder while I took care of business.)

We had a wonder-filled week last week with so much everyday magic.  On Friday I found myself sitting in the second row of Stuart's Opera House, at the end of a line of six children, watching the daredevil antics of Cirque Mechanics.  The spanish web, the trampoline, the incredible contortionist elicited gasps, wild laughter and incredulous shouts from the kids next to me.  Osha, to my left, literally jumped out of his seat several times, and at one moment turned to me and yelled, "I know how he is still standing!! It's centripetal force! That's how he's doing it! Centripetal force!"  Yowza, it was awesome watching them take it all in.  I was so thankful for the 60 tickets made available to homeschoolers for the daytime "school" show!

And then there was the parade, and a gorgeous fall celebration...

Turtle Hill Farm

Oh, you know Michelle and her pickled heads

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~
...and the rainy trick-or-treating...

my husband, the pharoah

Which brings us to November. Sniffles, new knitting projects, apple cider, pumpkin soup...sounds about right.


Helena said...

Lovely…all of this. LOVE the family portrait at the end!

Helena said...

Oh, and the poem at the beginning—beautiful.

And now I don't want the other photos to feel left out! Or the words in between…

Back to loving it all. :)

(So funny to think of it being Fall over there, drizzling and Halloweeny and so very Not Here. I will have to post some really hot, sunshiny, beach pics soon, to be the Yin to your Yang!)

merry said...

Such fun to see your costumes!! Could you email me the one of the four of you at the Bait Shop? Love it!! Sniffles back at ya.

Tokarz said...

oh Yeah!!! Love your mask Debbie!!!!!!! missing you all so much and just counting the days til we're home again!
Your HAlloween just looked so lovely, even with the rain.