Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Celebration of Abundance

We began the marathon of Thanksgivings today, with a meal out in the woods.  In my head I'm renaming this the Celebration of Abundance.  Eliza was inspired to make savory biscuits, looked up a recipe and voila.  Savory biscuits.  I even risked angering the gods of gluten and had a bite...oh man.  North Hill Bakery, Seattle, anyone? Yes, those savory biscuits. Perfect.  And she had barely cleared the flour from the table when she sat down to learn how to knit an arm scarf.  At this writing she has completed two...Abundance.

These aren't friends we have to dress up for, but Ani was in the mood...little sparkle.

Coffee and Baileys, catching up with old friends, huggin' on kids who are kind of like your own, petting the dogs who wander by, enjoying the chilly air and late-afternoon blue skies.  And then, the food. Our host fashioned an enormously long table from something he had in his shop and all seventeen of us fit perfectly.

Mashed potato abundance.

This is my favorite holiday, I think, and not because of the food, though we ate so well tonight.  More than any other holiday, it is about being together and taking a minute to soak it all in.   Time to remind ourselves, before the long winter, that we are not alone in the dark times, and that we are well-provided for, well-loved, and certainly well-fed. 

We took a break, between turkey and pie, to wander around in the dark, under a sliver of moon, telling stories by the stars. We howled and laughed and stomped our cold feet, just happy to be out in it, together.

Happy Thanksgiving and Celebration of Abundance to you and yours!!

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