Thursday, November 27, 2014

a thanksgiving list

one beautiful cake
Happy Birthday, Molly! We are grateful for you...

A dusting of snow
Lazy meandering of a day
Cards, books, music
Turkey, dressing versus stuffing, glutenous and gluten free, mashed potatoes with all the butter I could find, kale and mushrooms, olives, pears, pecans, salad...
A Thanksgiving birthday with a cake I could eat!
Karaoke by the computer - YMCA and Gloria Gainer and doing the hustle
Love it, Hate it, I don't know - who loves worms? (I do) hates socks in bed? (Dan does)
and a round of Dixit to end the evening.
Feeling grateful this night for a quiet town and slow snow and a warm fire with friends who feel easy and loving...

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