Saturday, November 29, 2014

thanksgiving the third

Well, I'll start right there: three thanksgivings to be thankful for.  Tonight we were with a colleague of Dan's, and she made it clear that pajamas were welcome. We took her up on it.

Puzzles, crafting, snacks...Conversation, tunes, cats...It was a lovely way to wrap up our thanksgiving bender!

Holidays always make me feel as though my head is on a bit backwards, to be honest.  Too much out of the routine and I'm not sure where I'm stepping.  We have officially entered the Month of Making, so I know we'll be slightly out of our routine for weeks, but somewhere in there are our stepping stones.  

(I've missed my posting time by a mere 13 minutes! This every day gig is hard, but I'm loving the challenge of showing up if even just for a thought or two.  Oops, 14 minutes.)

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