Wednesday, December 10, 2014

sleepover, in three acts

I:  Hang out and Pick up at the farm

In which we are introduced to the citrus-y wonder that is the hand of the Buddha. Or the fingers. It looks like a fantastical sea creature made of lemons...

(And we play Amazing Mammoth Hunt and nurse the lambs...)

II:  The Sleep Part

In which Ani is so tired and grouchy that when I say to Ari, "Ari, you are Simply the Best Gramma" indicating her mug of tea, Ani momentarily flips out with "Why does Ari get to be the best gramma???" after which we experience an exchange of WHA--? and burst into laughter, all of us...Some serious gingerbread wrangling before bed, and then, yes, sleep... 

III: Mustaches Rule the Day

In which two children mark the moments of their days by the type of mustaches they are wearing.

Morning fuzz:

Mid-day Hot Chocolate:

And I don't even know quite what to say about these faces, but apparently the mustaches weren't quite cutting the mustard.

We spent the afternoon with Molly and Jason, making art.  This is one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon...a kitchen table, friends, art supplies...

Jimi and Jimi
Jason's transformation of an old photograph

Ani and I caught this sunset on our walk back down the hill, once the sleepover had officially ended.  It was only 4:30 and it reminded me of how close we are getting to the darkest turn of the year.  My insides don't feel like that should be happening quite yet; Ani also was explaining how Winter doesn't really feel like it starts until January, and I get that. Somehow it is much bleaker then, maybe because it isn't so new.  I'm looking to cherish this dark time and relish the inward-turning for all its nurturing and inspiration...


merry said...

What is that first picture??

slim pickins said...

Mom, that's the buddha's hand, a fruit from Asia...Jen said she put it in her basket at the store and ended up hiding it under other groceries because everybody was stopping her and asking her about it!