Monday, March 30, 2015

a date in another state

Yes, we did it again. Managed a full 24-plus hours alone together, by traveling four hours to Louisville, KY to see a play during the Actor's Theater's annual Humana Festival. Thanks to generous friends who took in Ani, and an incredible amount of independence and adventurous spirit from Eliza (who navigated her time between friends, with stretches happily on her own). What is the addage about "it takes a village to make a marriage", or something like that? Well, it kind of does.

March is insanely busy and diffuse for us, with an increased workload for Dan, who taught a weeklong workshop in Colorado during his spring break, wrote and presented two papers for a theater conference the following weekend and was dialect coach for a show that opened last week. On my side it means more single parenting and all of it means little quality time together, so we were ready for some time together.  

We dream of going to Louisville for a full weekend of the festival, which features new American works and incredible artistry. We saw the world premier of Charles Mee's Glory of the World, about local Kentuckian Thomas Merton. It began and ended in prolonged silence, but it was anything but silent in between, alternating between philosophical references to Merton and his life and something like scenes from a frat house. Dan summed the energy up by speculating that the playwrite was going for excess, in all things. It was a lot of fun to watch!

before the play began...
...and after it ended.
The other part of this adventure was staying in an Airbnb.  It was only my second, and Dan's first, and it was interesting, to say the least.  The host was away for an art show in New Orleans, so we let ourselves into her apartment and were greeted by four huge and endearing cats. The decor was morbid that a thing? I think I made it up, but in any case, parts of it were right up my alley - bones and stones covering most surfaces, and books, tapes, and video cassettes lining the walls.  The big-eye paintings I could have done without. 

the biggest sweetie, the pirate cat

The neighborhood was great, just blocks from Bardstown Road and many shops and restaurants.  The sun was still up after the show, and though it was a really cold day, we wandered and enjoyed the light.

frozen fountain

El Taco Luchador for dinner, some handmade ice cream, and drinks and pinball at the Outlook Inn. Home to watch Pretty In Pink (!!) and heavy petting on some cats and asleep in a comfy bed.

Till next year, then.


allieger said...

No! You should NOT have to wait until next year! You should aim for once a quarter! I miss you guys! When are you coming back to Seattle?

alissa said...

Looks awesome!