Thursday, March 26, 2015

a wednesday hike

I have a goal this spring: to hike every week with the kids, gradually increasing the length until we can do an all-day (really, not just playin' in the creek kind of all-day) hike. Ultimately, I would like to be able to stay out a night, though the options for doing so nearby are few.  

My friend Jen has been longing to do the same with her family, so this was the first of what I hope will be many spring and summer hikes together. We're gonna have to brace ourselves for a bit of resistance, however. There was so much whine on this hike, I could barely drive home...(come on, that was funny.)

It was 70 degrees yesterday, and they're threatening snow in the next couple, so out we went to Gifford, the smallest state forest in Ohio!  The trail pretty quickly turned into this gorgeous little hollow with a creek and mossy rocks to explore.

chorus frog?

I see you, Hepatica
I might have whooped and fist-pumped when I found this...
Yes, I cheer for the first flowers of spring.

Up to the ridegeline to see what we could see - butterflies, stone, still-bare trees, rattling their bones in the warm wind.  Spring, I can feel you...


merry said...

When it warms up a bit here I want to get out for some hikes. Not the long ones you're talking about, and they won't be as lovely as yours, but I can breathe in the fresh air and MOVE!

Naudia Ferbrache said...

That's so nice! In Athens last year Tobin, Zampa, me, Zarin, Osha and Ari all went on a day long hike and it is so nice! Me Osha and Zampa are currently planning a two night hike! Love this post!