Thursday, March 5, 2015

Postcards from Richmond

This week the family travelled the way we often have, separately and in opposite directions.  The girls and I came to Richmond to visit some of our dearest. We arrived to snow, had 63 degree weather, and have stalled our return home by two days because of more snow! Oh, March, you are so crazy...

Yes, a snowdalek. Eliza was astounded.

We've hit some favorite spots - Bev's Ice Cream, Maymont (twice) - but mostly we're here to soak up the time with friends.


We realized that the youngest here have known each other for all but a year of their lives. That is a mighty long time...Feeling rich with friendship.

1 comment:

kimmy said...

What beautiful photos! I see you snapped a few on the sly (just like I did ;)
Missing you already but SO grateful for birthday love , walks in the park and thrift shopping with you and Nan!