Friday, March 20, 2015


Ani's new spring 'do

I can hear the peepers that occupy our neighbor's pond from inside my kitchen.  I can also hear Ani narrating a story as she moves her critters around the living room (...then slipped away. I was awoken too early the next morning from my deep slumber.  I was on the bed in the next room. It was early. Not too early - it was like midnight when we got here - oh geez, it was kind of early.  They were running around shouting "It's easter! It's easter! Guys, wake up, it's easter!" Well, we can't go out looking for eggs in just those fat little bloomers, now can we?).  We've had a fairly uneventful Spring Equinox, other than that we all felt good today, and it's been a while since that's happened.  I'll take it.

We read at breakfast about the old traditions of the equinox - called Eostre, sound familiar? - and cleaned off our altar/nature table to make way for the new.  The day was cold and did not call to us to come out of our spring cleaning - and sewing, Eliza is on a roll - but I know we will be celebrating the coming of spring in our own ways over the coming days.  I have let go of needing to mark one single day, and the space that provides in my soul is remarkable.  So much better than the stress I used to hold, wanting to make new traditions and make them Now.  

We are collecting spring in the way that we do...peepers. New birds. Buds. Amphibian eggs.

Some of these may have found their way home from the puddle where we found them, to live on our kitchen counter for a while.

Expansive, hopeful, beckoning.  Happy Spring!

in time of daffodils (who know 
the goal of living is to grow) 
forgetting why,remember how 

in time of lilacs who proclaim 
the aim of waking is to dream, 
remember so (forgetting seem) 

in time of roses (who amaze 
our now and here with paradise) 
forgetting if,remember yes 

in time of all sweet things beyond 
whatever mind may comprehend, 
remember seek (forgetting find) 

and in a mystery to be 
(when time from time shall set us free) 
forgetting me,remember me 



merry said...
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merry said...

Are those curls in Ani's hair? Very pretty! Love those rosey cheeks!

alissa said...

Cute cute cute!!! Happy frogs eggs!

Naudia Ferbrache said...

Ani's hair is so cute!