Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Thank You For Sewing!

Dear Sewing Enthusiasts,

Thank you for your dedication and hardwork to unite or fasten by stitches a more beautiful world. You are such fine advocates that we wanted to reward you with this small prize box.  We hope you enjoy it and continue your quest to make and do and be.

We are all in this together! Baste on!
Bernina P. Singer

This mystery box arrived on our doorstep a week ago.  I don't even know how to describe the joy that errupted upon its opening.  Sadly, my photos just don't quite do the trick, but please use your imagination, pretend that you LOVE sewing and are turned on by yards of colorful fabric, buttons - buttons! -  and thread...and you will have some glimmer of the energy surrounding this bounty.

Also included was a copy of One-Yard Wonders, which Eliza used and loved in her sewing class.  I'm kinda thinking that even I could make a few of the items in there...

Eliza pounced upon a package of metal studs and knew just how to use them.  She painted a few and embellished a newly-cut pair of jeans shorts.

So the sewing madness around here continues, thanks to the juicy infusion of a beautiful mystery box!!!  
sewing a new bag
button love
THANK YOU, Bernina P. Singer! You are a sewer of magic and joy!


Kerry said...

So cool! I don't admit this to just anyone, but I have a button fetish.

merry said...

Some elf must know your family pretty darn well to send such a perfect surprise! What fun!!

slim pickins said...

We have our suspicions, mom, but no firm evidence.

Kerry, I just read a short profile in Susan Orlean's *The Bullfighter Checks her Make-up* about a woman who spent her savings buying an entire button shop in NYC. What I wouldn't give to stumble upon a button shop...