Friday, May 22, 2015

being family

Our spring has been busy: finishing, celebrating, visiting, living. Between the Spring Concert for Calliope, the women's choir Eliza and I sing with, and a trip up to New Jersey for me, we thought we'd squeeze in two days seeing two aunts, two uncles, a grampa, a great aunt, my cousins and my mom (shoo!) in Kentucky. 

It could not have been a more peaceful place to gather.

two tauruses in a pod

I jump at the chance to see my grampa, who is 97 years old, and his sister, who is 95.  Yes, I think it is amazing that we still get to have them in this space with us, and my kids have relationships with them that they won't forget.  Yes, family is about being connected even when you are separated by so many miles, and it is also about gathering whenever you can for as small a reason as sharing a few meals and hours on a porch...

...or for as big a reason as welcoming a baby.  Baby Lyle was born on Monday, on his own schedule, ahead of ours, and I'm catching up on four days of living, here in New Jersey with Lyle and his capable, calm, hilarious parents. Blessings abound.

*This post is number one thousand. I am astounded. Thank you for being here!


Dan said...

Number One Thousand!?!

Thank you for documenting our lives.


alissa said...

Look at all those bliss full faces!

Kerry said...

The perfect topics for #1000! Beautiful.