Sunday, May 17, 2015

Quidditch. Yes, Quidditch.

I would make a terrible soccer mom. Hockey mom. Heck, I really don't make a great dance mom. But Quidditch? Once I got the lingo down, I could get behind some Quidditch.  Our community center recently hosted Rathacon, a crazy, costumed comics convention, and the day started with a Quidditch match.

Me: Wow, Quidditch? How are they going to do that? 
Eliza: Well, they use broom sticks! And all of the elements of a regular Quidditch game!
Me: Really? With the waffles and the bofflers and...
Eliza: Mom.
Me: ...and the quiddlers and the what-is-it, the sneak?
Eliza: Mom! Stop. Just...stop.
Me: ...what about - 
Eliza: MOM! STOP!

Well, it was awesome. With the, well, with all the important parts.  Eliza said when they were lined up at the broomsticks, she had to giggle at how all of them immediately put out their hands and issued the command "Up" and then shared some sheepish looks around.  It was worth a try.  Mostly it was hilarious watching a large group of intelligent humans running around straddling a stick.

In the striped shorts is our fearless friend, Ari

Tennis ball in a sock = snitch. Brilliant!

Their team - the Ravenpuffs or Huffleclaws, depending on who you asked - won! Yes. We are hoping this is the first game of many...

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