Sunday, August 23, 2015

birthday paddle

After a slow morning with french toast, bacon, and cards, Dan and Ani and I headed out for a short paddle before it got too hot.  We're borrowing the canoe from our dearlings who are in Maine for the year, and it was a group effort to get it on the car so we could surprise Dan with some birthday time on the lake (thanks, everyone!).  School starts tomorrow for him, so we took what we could get of his day! I learned that Ani is one fearless paddler. I'm not surprised.  At one point they let me out where I knew I could pick up the trail, and she scooted into my seat and paddled them around the corner towards the dock. I could hear them from the trail, Dan gently coaching, and her pointing out everything she was seeing. Happy happy day. We love you, Dan!

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merry said...

What a perfect way to celebrate a summer birthday! Happy day, Dan, and now, happy first day of school!