Wednesday, August 19, 2015

the cabin

I think this is our third time staying at "the cabin" in the northwoods.  I think this visit sealed the "perfect way to end a vacation" deal.  Rest. Relaxation. So much laughter with people we really really love, and deep clear water to swim in every day. Yes, please.

view from the deck! every morning...

trumpeter swans
Wazee!! Our new favorite park.

I'm not getting any better at "selfies" but I love this of me and my sis. 


Bear scat, with American Carrion Beetle and slug. SWEET!


The pictures kind of say it all - porch, beach, porch, beach - but you can see there was some game-playing in there as well (Go, Mastermind, Kapaga), and I promise you that we ate well, but the most laughter came from playing a game my sister forgot to bring along and we played anyway that is a form of the old game telephone, playing with drawing pictures. Oh lordy, it was hilarious. Here's one of the best.

Ani started the round with porcupine.  Lucy drew a porcupine:

...which was interpreted as...


Walking-talking moss turned into...

Which only makes sense and which Dan drew as...

...which clearly was a scared man...

And that's how "porcupine" became "scared man".

There is an official game, but you can see how this goes, right? Silliness well into the night. You're welcome.

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