Friday, August 14, 2015

door county reunion

Four years ago, Dan's Dad's family gathered from Texas, Wisconsin and Ohio for a few days of reunion in Egg Harbor, Door County.  Unbelievably, they were able to do it again this summer. It's quite a feat: siblings, their kids, their grandkids, cousins and their families. Forty-two people in total, out of a possible fifty-seven or so. Not bad!

second (third?) cousins, Peninsula State Park
Cousin Allie and her husband David
skipping stones
teaching new card games by the pool
enlisting E's help with the cards
The girls do an amazing job of meeting new people and embracing a shared history.  Eliza is in there with hugs right away, while Ani takes a bit more time to observe and get comfortable, but she had an endurance for time spent with newly met relatives that was new for her!  She was the last one out of the pool, and brought her book to the lobby to do her bedtime reading so she wouldn't be too far away from the crowd.  They also are learning to self-regulate and recognize when it's time to detach a little and refuel.


the siblings and cousins who brought us together

first cousins!
second cousins
love and a tattoo

sharing temporary tattoos
celebrating 48 years
Ani and Grampa Greg

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