Monday, August 31, 2015

little library offering

Do you see it? You might not, if you weren't expecting it, as I was not, but peeking out of the shadows...there it is - got it? Still don't know what the heck it is? Ah, that's because you're not living in Southeastern Ohio where the state fruit is just starting to ripen...PAWPAW!! Yes, someone left us a pawpaw in the library today.  Grin.


Stephanie said...

I so love your little library. If I were a neighbor I would sneak over long after dark and leave you little presents. Books too!, but definitely love presents.

Tokarz said...

That is so so funny!!!!Did you keep it, or is it out there for someone else who might need a pawpaw?

slim pickins said...

Stephanie - that would be such a delight!!

Tokarz - I brought it in...they ripen so very quickly and turn black, as you know...I thought it might end up sending a different message if I left it!