Friday, November 13, 2015


a girl in her natural habitat

You might have noticed that our girl is home? Four weeks away from home, three from me and from was maybe a little too long, she says.  But what an adventure! She was invited to Seattle to visit friends she's had since she was born; Laney and I were in prenatal yoga together and often rode the same bus to work while we were huge and lumbering.  A few months later, she and her little family moved into our building, and we spent almost every day of that first year of our kids' lives walking, nursing, talking, and concocting amazing lunches for ourselves to eat on the floor and drip onto our babies' heads.

These people are some of Eliza's deep family, and I didn't give her trip a second thought, except to say that there was no way she was traveling across country by herself!! Through a combination of a second trip in one month to Wisconsin, a serendipitous midwest wedding, and a generous and willing Laney, who accompanied Eliza home, it happened.

We had one day with Laney before she turned around and went home, and when we could stop talking for two minutes, she found ways to connect with Ani, who doesn't know her well, as she was only one when we left Seattle. 

 I think they connected.

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