Monday, November 30, 2015

the opposite of every day

Clearly I was not ready for a daily blog challenge.  I am really not much of a joiner, so it doesn't surprise me, but I do feel a bit ashamed for not stepping up. Really, I am too much into the doing of it to be writing about it just now.

I read something recently on the On Being website, which I love and is becoming an integral part of my current self-care regimen, about the culture of busy, and how we should probably try to remember that we are human beings, not human doings. Yesssssss. Lots of time for fermenation. Connecting the dots. Ruminating. I am a big big fan.

But really, there has been a lot of doing as well around here, and without much further ado...please enjoy the hamming, the creating, the physicsing (that's a word, right?), the loving...

Maps! The girls got excited about creating maps for their stint as bees in the Honey for the Heart Parade.  They were supposed to be lost, and for props they thought it would be funny if they had maps of elsewhere, so that's what they drew. Narnia and the land of Oz.


Ah! Such a funny writing game. We all wrote three questions and three answers, and they did not have to go together.  Then we took turns reading to each other: Eliza would read a question, Ani would read her first answer, we would laugh hysterically, and then Ani would ask me her first question, I'd answer with my first answer...yes, it was ridiculous and so funny.

physics day on campus
Does this happen in your kitchen? A demonstration in favor of cocoa?

Exploring surface area...

beauty by eliza
So the painters forgot to replace the window screens.
It means I can see the birds so much better!! Goldfinches.

"the worm" from Beowulf, made with pennies and connectors

So sorry to just dump it all here in a pile.  It gives you an idea of what my kitchen counter (and desk. and dresser. and bag.) looks like - a bit cluster of magical happenings that I don't want to forget...More order next time, I promise.


Sukayna said...

Peace from South Lebanon! Just wanted to say the surface area photos reminded me of the Phoenencian Queen Elissar.....When she founded Carthage in N Africa. She wanted a piece of land and the King or ruler of the area told her he would give her only what an animal hide ( sheepskin?) would cover. She cleverly spun the skin into thread and marked the perimeter of a much larger piece of land, endearing herself to that leader in the process. (My half Lebanese girls looooove all the stories about Elissar! thought you might too!)
Feminists in ancient history- BAM!
Take care.

Sukayna said...

Oh. I found a short link, in English, if you are interested:-)
That's how we roll around here.....apologies for the over the top tangent.

slim pickins said...

I love that story, Sukayna! This story rings a faint bell, and the girls are going to love it! Please, tangent me any time...Be well! So nice, as always, to hear from you!

Tokarz said...

oh you are doing so much! I feel a little stuck in the being right now and want to do some doing!Loving Beauty by Eliza by the way!