Thursday, September 10, 2015

Silver Baby Golf Championship: Opening Night

If you have been a reader here for some years - oh, bless you - you might remember that every once in a while I talk about something other than homeschooling and family life...sometimes I might spend a post or two talking  I know, I know, it mystifies me even as I speak about it, but it's true, every year some part of our family participates in a golf tournament known as the Silver Baby Cup, and this year was number eight. Travelers from Tennessee, Florida, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, North Carolina, West Virginia and Maine gathered in Ohio this past weekend to play.

It's part family reunion, part burning man, part golf championship.  It's early morning lining up of french presses, fifteen huge pans of lasagna, and mixed drinks at the tiki bar. Late night Tom Waits sing-offs, camping in the woods, feral children. This year it included a dunk tank and an opening event that was unprecedented in the history of Silver Baby.  Here's a glimpse at the first evening, as people set up tents and gathered in the dusk.  

The ukulele troupe from Tennessee, with guest singers, including a pirate named Captain Slice.

There was the afore-mentioned tiki bar...

...and a huge Silver Baby propped on the top of the hosting house.

Suddenly, amidst thunder and lightening (really) and a generally terrifying wind storm, a gorilla appeared on the roof.

Oh My Goodness, he has the Silver Baby!!!

 This calls for a conga line!!!

The Silver Baby effigy burns, which greatly delights the rabid crowd.

People, this was only the start of the weekend. The golf hadn't even started...Rules were read, rounds were announced and the dancing continued far into the night.  Welcome to Silver Baby Eight.


Tokarz said...

Oh Yes!!!!! You did it! you captured it so perfectly!!!!! Thank goodness! and thank you!!!!!!!Wow good job!

Unknown said...

This is fabulous! Good job Debbie!