Thursday, December 27, 2012

days of christmas...

Our days this week have been luxurious: Dan at home, making, hanging out, taking care of our home and our spirits, and preparing for our family to drive south to be with us.

my beautiful new belt buckle

We stretch out gift opening as long as possible, but even so it is a deluge from our generous families, and at some point we all reach an overwhelm and have to get outside to decompress and refocus in some quiet and fresh air.  I am so grateful that our family doesn't complain about our reluctance to travel for the holidays, but really, we need that downtime to get through this time of year. 

And just in time for family, we were recharged and grounded, enjoying each other and the day!  Good thing; life is non-stop now that they're great!  

Dance shows, crokinole games, card games, Bollywood music, knitting, eating, eating, eating...and a dusting of's all happening!

Sunday, December 23, 2012


We're in the thick of it, the midwinter celebrations: the making, the baking, the welcoming of winter - and the late nights of stitching and the last-minute present-making and the over-doing and not-enoughing that I haven't managed to keep out of our lives this year.  But there were the gems, like the spontaneous walk to the garden, and the baking of a million cookies with our good friend Savannah, and the snow that greeted us on Solstice, and the making and giving of sweet little friends (made using a pattern by Gingermelon, and seen here).  Sitting on the couch and reading to two girls who can read by themselves but still choose to be read to if it means cuddling together over a story.  Feasting and laughing and dancing with friends even though presents aren't wrapped and the house has yet to clean itself for our incoming houseguests...Sneaking in a few hours to talk with a friend while working on yet another secret solstice gift - those gift-making sessions that feel like a double gift, to yourself during the making and to your someone who receives it...Those are the sweet spots of joy in the busy flow of this season for me.