Monday, September 28, 2015

Day Two of Silver Baby - The Finals

I am on a one-day break between travels. I have just made chili to freeze for the week, and meatballs are next; I've watered the air plants, made half of the phone calls on my list for the day, and the only way that publish the dang Silver Baby Finals blog post has made it this far up the list - before bathroom and floor cleaning - is that my children are not here.  Did you catch that? Currently my family is spread across three states, but if I am to get anything done today I cannot dwell on that simultaneously exciting and dreadful fact. 

If only I had the energy that Amy has in the photo below - pre-breakfast yoga! On the second day of the SBC tournament! In a Schlitz shirt dress.  I will do the best I can, and hopefully the pictures will tell the rest of the story...
anyone notice the dunk tank in the background?

Comparing medals over coffee...

Dan and the former SBC Champion, the O.M.G. (Original Mister Golf)

Dan's award from two years ago for an amazing, and impossible, chip shot

What?? Prom queens like golf too...

Dan and his caddy, Justin, from New Orleans
This assistant judge was given an honorary green sash
for getting the next lowest score of the first day.
Judges and head ball spotter.
SBC VIII Finalists and caddies!!

The day started out with a tense round of putt-putt to determine the players' mulligans (sounds like "dull again").  Ordinary citizens might call them "do-overs", but the beauty of the mulligan is that at some point in SBC history someone mispronounced it to sound more like mule-i-gan, and the truly exhilarating part of this whole bonanza is that when a player chooses to use their do-over, a wild call rises from the crowd - "muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuligan!" - and is echoed back from the other teams scattered across the course.  Think bull elk in October.

Mulligans determined, the play commences.

did I mention how hot it was? hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

The spectators might look a little wilted, but this game was so much fun to watch! It was neck-and-neck for eight holes, anyone's game.  The Peoples Choice was Andrew, who golfed barefoot and to a disco/R&B (think Kool and the Gang) soundtrack that played at every shot! It was a brilliant tactic, and put him in one stroke down at the last hole.  

One of the best parts, seeing the babies year to year, growing...
Lookin' good, Judge March!

Dan should add nailclippers to his arsenal;
he is a careful trimmer, especially in the pine woods.

Hi, lovely!

The notorious "Mulligang"

me and my buddy, down from Maine for the weekend

More! Water!
Hacking away in search of a ball at Heartbreak Hill

Here is where I talk about the amazing game of golf my husband played this weekend. Really.  It was a fantastic weekend, no regrets.  We did have a heart-to-heart over breakfast about winning, but with a back-up offer from a family from Maine, there were little reservations about hosting. Who doesn't want to go to Maine, for any reason what-so-ever? 

Talking over the last hole - until hole number 9, it was anyone's game, but this is where Andrew (Mr. Disco) and Trapper Haskins of Tennessee pulled ahead to duke out the last stroke.

With a score of 38 - to Andrew's 39 and Dan's 41 - Trapper won and will be taking the cup to Tennessee!!  We've been rooting for Trapper for years, so this was a win for everyone!!

The party continued far into the evening, of course, with the dunk tank in use, an awards ceremony and an open-mic, but in the early aftermath of the game, those of us not playing golf got to hit a few balls deep, deep into the wilds of Snake Canyon...very satisfying.

We said goodbyes to everyone driving home to Maine, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, West Virginia and Massachusetts - till next year!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Silver Baby Championship VIII - day one

early morning breakfast of champions
Silver Baby Cup Championship.  What you need to know:
  • It's a golf tournament, in the woods. 
  • If you win, you host the next year, which means creating a golf course and hosting 25 or so tents filled with people, for 3 days of festivities.
  • If you come, you will be slightly bemused, very amused, and treated to some very dapper outfits.
  • You don't need to know anything about golf to attend, play or judge.

Round One: 8:00 sharpish! Handsome hubby on the left.

What else might be helpful:

  • This event is high in testosterone, but there is a precedent for a female finalist.  This year, however, she was a bit busy nursing a future Silver Baby champion.
  • PBR sponsored this happening. For reals. I'm not entirely sure what this meant, but there were 900 cans of beer (I guess that's what it meant!) and a bunch of swag.
  • It occurred to me that there is what I imagine to be an Appalachian Burning Man vibe to this event. Maybe it was the actual burning that kicked it off that is triggering those associations, and there were even discrete factions within the ranks of golfers - the Mulligang, a mafioso clique dressed in Hawaiian shirts...
My golfer and his biggest fan. I love this picture.

Besides the normal golf-type gear (balls, clubs, tees), golfers also carry loppers, saws, and machetes in their bags. They need them.  Lizard, the host for this year's tournament, got some major landscaping done, for free. (Well, he hosted, and though the beer was donated, the event was anything but free...)

The Venerable Head Judge
I was one of the last townies to drive out to this event on Friday, so I let everyone know I was happy to do a late-afternoon errand run for those last-minute necessities. Want to know what was on my list? Have a look:

  • 2 bottles of Maggi seasoning to make some drink I never did try but maybe was like a Bloody Mary crossed with a beer? Sounds horrid.
  • Six heads of iceberg lettuce
  • Ginger Beer
  • Speedo, black, men's size 32
  • Breast pump, which was being held for me at the Birth Center in our local hospital

Judge and contestant. We think he might have lost
because he was afraid to wade into the brush to fetch his balls.

looking for a ball...
Putter? Check. Driver? Check. Lopper? Check.

Chipping over the fire hazard

I don't know what to say. He's a Cypriot. Does that help?
Ah, the Death Star - my favorite hole!

Snake Canyon - my second favorite hole!
That is Dan down in the weeds, happily chopping away.

Yup, Dan.

Did you notice the Head Judge's sweet skirt and knee-hi's?
How about his grampa's authentic Princeton boater?

Final Hole on the first day - the putt putt. Dan won.

The first day was amazing. Dan won his round, which put him in the second-day finals (gulp!). His score was incredible - 38, the lowest score of the day amongst twenty-four golfers, and he was so happy. Here he is with our fabulous host (Mr. PBR) and an excellent chef from New Orleans who cooked our breakfast every morning, and who offered to caddy for Dan during the finals.  Hurray!!

Meanwhile, some of the other characters of the day...

Yes!! Little Sure Shot, Annie Oakley
our amazing hostess, on the left, ALSO played golf!
father and daughter

another finalist!!

do you see the ball? mmhmmm.

Ani and the babies...He has her finger.

Judge Alice

Stay tuned for Day Two: The Finals...

(If you are hooked, and can't get enough, here is a video our friend James made of the construction of the tiki bar, which was built in Maine and brought to Ohio. Dedication, that's what that is. Dedication to FUN.)