Tuesday, November 1, 2016


magical puffball mushroom
Oh shoot. I completely missed October here. I'm going to blame it on being glamored by a new photo-taking phone and my complete inability to figure out how to manage the resulting photographs in a way that is conducive to sharing them here in this space!  Bedazzled by thousands of photos and no slick way as yet to move them about...I am a slow learner, so I will figure it out, but not in any short order. I've gotten these on by winking, pulling on my earlobe and looking sideways at the computer while crossing my fingers. And hey, it worked!!!

chickweed! Stellaria media

We are embracing the magic here these days. The magic of a Samhain day spent in the woods, marveling over all the greens and the critters in our path. The magic of a huge rock with a person-size hole in it, beckoning to be sat in. The magic of leaf pile and living walkingsticks and stories told out of doors.  Autumn songs, pomegranate seeds, slow walking and shuffling through the leaves.

Eastern American Toad
walkingstick and Ray Bradbury's The Halloween Tree

It was a month of making magic - costumes and parade puppets...


beak doctor, time travelers, a lovely piggy
YES! origami TIE fighters and the Deathstar
 It was our fourth year working on the Honey for the Heart parade, and it was a bit different.  The studio was located on campus, which resulted in more participation by students (I think) and a different level of participation for us and for much of the community. Ani was the most committed of us, and though we didn't make our own costumes, we had a hand in making different puppets and costume pieces - paper mache, painting, sewing, hot-gluing, drawing, tying balloons. When the day came, Dan was out of town for a different performance, Eliza wasn't feeling it, and Ani and I were so tired...but we rallied and walked uptown and found the joy!! We were so glad we put in the effort, there was such a warm happy crowd enjoying the fun.

that's us!!

The best magic not to be overlooked has been the juju of two sisters getting along, enjoying each other's company, getting better at learning to read each other. This is huge, my friends, and it warms my autumnal cockles.

sister magic
Uffda. I am feeling the pressure of so much catching up, the compressing of so many juicy days into a few phrases and photos! Maybe November will offer more corners of time to work on getting back into the groove...

(Never have I posted so many photos of myself in one post. What is happening??? I'm also taking
a class on herbs - a most transformative experience. Apparently.)