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the "swiss cheese" that Palestine has become
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Thank you for coming to look at this page.  I traveled to Israel and Palestine (in the area known as the West Bank) for two weeks in April/May of 2013 with a group of eleven American women.  We met with some extraodinary people - both Palestinian Christians and Israeli Jews -  who are working for peace and justice between Palestinians and Israelis.  This trip turned me on my head, and the things I saw and experienced have not left my mind for a moment.  When I wonder what I can do to help move people towards peace and justice, I think, if I can broaden someone's image of who the people are who live in Palestine and Israel, if I can plant a seed of connection between one life and another, that might help.  I hope these stories do that for you.

As I process my trip I wanted to have a place to collect resources and blog posts.  That's where you are!  Check back - I'll continue to update the list.  The books are from our list of recommended reading for our trip, and are fiction and non-fiction, Palestinian-centered, Israeli-centered, Jewish-centered.



Mornings in Jenin (Susan Abulhawa)
The Dovekeepers (Alice Hoffman) 
The Lemon Tree  (Sandy Tolan)

Five Broken Cameras
Flying Paper
The Other Son
TED Talk - Dalia Landau


DIYAR Consortium
Tent of Nations
Wi'am Palestinian Center for Conflict Resolution
Machsom Watch
Breaking the Silence - former Israeli soldiers talk about the reality of life in the Occupied Territories (West Bank and Gaza)
Electronic Intifada - news and commentary about the occupation
Israel/Palestine Mission Network - website put out by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) - lists resource materials, product boycott information, maps

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Mornings in Jenin was so great.