Friday, September 26, 2014

eagles, art and fungus

These aren't the best photos of eagles, but - EAGLES! Wah! We spotted them over the Hocking River as we headed out for a family hike, yesterday morning. It was a great way to spend my birthday.

poison ivy

Our Thursdays are busy, so some of it was spent doing the things we usually do - Hip Hop for Eliza, and art class for Ani.  My friend Molly is leading some "art principles" classes for a handful of friends, and I got to participate in this one. It was so much fun - good therapy for a Thursday night.

is this my kid?
They were working on replacement collages, focusing on faces and figures, and talking about taking objects out of context: spoons for hair, petals for clothing, plate of spaghetti for an eye...

...and then, a party! Molly's son, N. and husband spent the week researching and planning and making a mushroom cake for me! I felt so special and honored. Not only did it look amazing, but it was gluten-free and tasted so good!

I asked them for some more photos that might better convey the work that went into this piece of art...It rested on a bed of moss (chocolate and dried greens) and it even had gills. I am so impressed, grateful and LUCKY to have friends who love me like this.

photo by J. Weber
Gills. photo by J. Weber
Loved. I feel loved.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

a jumble of september

jumble of yum - by Ani
It doesn't stop, this hustle and bustle of a season, and why would it? The air has cooled, which stirs things up a bit (for me) and creative juices are flowing.  Here are some glimpses, as we turn the corner into autumn...

Steampunking...(can we make that a verb? we can, right?)

Low Tea at the library
helping Sarah tie a bow-tie!

dates for the Steampunk ball. verrrry serious.



We've started up nearly everything that will be started this season: homeschool coop, dance classes, choir, art classes, piano.  The farmer's market is overwhelming with its abundance and even our wee basil out on the porch hasn't gotten the message that it's probably time to call it Done. Dan's play opens next week, we're gearing up for two visitors from Virginia and five from Wisconsin, and someone might be turning forty-five this week.

Yowza.  Busy, and so good.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Friends, Sushi Cake, Snakes and Bubbles...

...must be the Pawpaw Festival!! 

Look what greeted me when I arrived..Eliza the volunteer...DRIVING.

Same little nuggets...three years ago. I couldn't help myself...

Yes, this cake is like ONE BIG PIECE OF SUSHI.

(I was laughing so hard at Jen laughing that I can't believe any of these pictures actually turned out. Joy! )

The wonderful Michelle from Turtle Hill Farm doing a chicken slaughter workshop
Native plant, Aralia spinosa, or Devil's Walking Stick

New music love: Joey Hebdo

(Yes, I know. No pawpaw pictures this year, but you might find some here!)